1. Implementing person centered key population programming at scale.
  2. Health System Strengthening: The funding Landscape: health financing and Domestic Resource Mobilization.
  3. Addressing the needs of People who Use Drugs to achieve epidemic control.
  4. Impact of COVID 19 on HIV Services
  5. Epidemic Control in Africa: Response from the Diaspora
  1. African leadership in ending AIDS in Africa: Abuja Declaration: where are we?
  2. Sustaining gains during COVID-19.
  3. The new Global strategy to end AIDS by 2030: what do we need to do differently in Africa.
  4. HIV prevention is everyone’s Business: The pathway to stemming new infections in Africa.
  5. Adolescent girls, young women & men: Key to achieving the end of AIDS in Africa in 2030.
  1. Political leadership and partnerships to promote and accelerate access to innovation prevention & care.
  2. To build, strengthen and invest in Africa’s scientific capacity and manufacturing of vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics.
  3. Management of COVID 19 in Africa: Impact & Way forward.
  4. HIV, TB & other co-infections: The journey ahead.
  5. HIV Pediatrics: how far did we relieve the burden on children and what is the perspective towards 2030?

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