Exhibition (VIRTUAL & IN-PERSON)

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ICASA 2021 Hybrid exhibition will give exhibitors opportunity to engage over 10,000 expected delegates via our hybrid exhibition platform. Various online tools have been introduced to increase exhibitor’s visibility and to make this hybrid exhibition a delight to both delegates and exhibitors. Delegates can chat with company representatives at booth. You can check who have come to your booth through chat box.

Exhibitors will be required to send a 3/5 minutes video presentation of their products/services to the conference’ organisers. These videos will then be posted on our virtual exhibition platform on our website, for the virtual exhibition during the conference.

A zoom link will also be created for each organisation for the Q&A session with delegates

For virtual exhibition, kindly contact: WhatsApp no: +233(0)555179976 exhibition@saafrica.org

Additional Exhibitor badges USD 300, all exhibitors (9m2 & 18m2) are entitled to 2 exhibitors badges.

Benefit of exhibitor

  • Name and Logo on ICASA 2021 Mobile App
  • Name and Logo on Conference programme
  • Exhibition signal on exhibition stand
  • Name and Logo on Conference website
  • Free exhibitor badges
  • Booth visitors control and database

Purchase square meter Exhibitor badge
Up to 25 m2 3
From 26 to 50 m2 6
From 51 to 75 m2 10
From 76 to 100 m2 15
Above 100 m2 20

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Standard Virtual Exhibition booth in 2D
NB: in case of in-person it will reflect as
(5,257 USD)
Customizable Virtual Exhibition booths in 3D
NB: in case of in-person it will reflect as
(10,050 USD)
3 minutes Video presentation 5 minutes Video presentation
Public booth chatrooms Private & public booth chatrooms
Link to exhibitor’s website Links to exhibitor’s website and 3 other social media site
250 words Company Profile 500 words Company Profile
Non-downloadable content for attendees Downloadable content for attendees
Dedicated support before and during the event Dedicated support before and during the event
Extensive analytics and reports including database of visitors

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Order your Exhibition Space!

ICASA 2021 Exhibition applications open on 9th March 2021 and close 31st August 2021.

For both virtual and in-person, application should be sent via ICASA website. To purchase or to place your request for exhibition space, please contact exhibition@saafrica.org WhatsApp: +233(0)555179976

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Exhibitors can purchase either
  • Space only (minimum purchase of 9m2). Exhibitors who order space only are required to bring their own booth. The cost per square meter is USD 600 for both commercial and non-commercial organizations
  • Shell scheme Packages, which comes in 2 sizes: 9 m2 and 18 m2

Please be aware of the following:

Stand and floor and spaces are assigned by the conference secretariat on a “first come, first served” basis, according to the dates when applications are received.

Major Industry sponsors receive priority to select their location. Spaces will be grouped in island formations according to the type of organization and standard guidelines

Only fully completed exhibition space orders will be accepted. The exhibition space order will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment in full in accordance with the general terms and conditions. The conference secretariat reserves the right to accept or reject applications and to assign spaces.

Exhibition Hall Features

The Exhibition, conveniently located close to the Registration, the Global Village and the walkway leading to all session rooms features the following:

  • ICASA 2021 Poster Exhibition
  • Internet café
  • Catering area
Tuesday 7 December 10:15-16:15
Wednesday 8 December 10:15-16:15
Thursday 9 December 10:15-16:15
Friday 10 December 10:15-16:15
Saturday 11 December 10:15-12:00

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Shell Schemes package 9m2 18m2 Space only (m2)
Sponsors (USD) 5,257 10,050 600
Exhibit space
Chair 2 4
Table 1 2
Plug point 1 2
Waste basket 1 2

ICASA 2019 Exhibition Hall

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Due to COVID-19, delegates will have the opportunity to participate in person or virtual. However, in the event that the COVID-19 pandemic upsurges, we will go fully virtual.

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